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Hey there fellow tellows app user,

Below you will find an overview of known app errors and their solution.

As far as other errors are concerned, please, use the contact fom for further inqueries.

Iphone App F.A.Q:

→ I received an unsoliceted call, but from which number?
Did you receive a call the tellows score rated as dubious and you would like to know from which number the call originated? Just open the contacts list and click the numbers score. The number that called will be highlighted in blue.

→ the score lists are not imported properly:
Due to the use of Exchange servers or CarDAV-Accounts, the synchronization of contact information leads to an error message while importing the score lists.You will find a detailed workaround here.

→ App cannot access the contacts list:
Please make sure to approve of the app’s access to the contacts list in your settings on data protection! Find a detailed explanation on how to change you settings here.

→ Import of score list takes aeons:
Running in iOS 6 the score list’s import is known to last up to a minute. During the import the app freezes.

→ the use of additional contacts managers may result in delays updating the scorelists or other issues.

Known Issues:

  • Viber : Since the tellows Scorelists contain a vast amount of contacts, Viber’s contact synchronization may be delayed or aborted rendering “Viber” useless. If you’d like enjoy both apps, it is imperative to remove tellows scorelists before starting “Viber”. Update tge scorelists once you finished using “Viber”.

    Further FAQs can be found here.

    For further problems, please use our contact form

  • 2 thoughts on “App Support

    1. Not Important

      App crashes on first start, support website bug reporting does not work. Really a bad performance. Here my original message that I tried to send on your support website:

      Started the app the first time, a blank white window with title tellows opens.after approxx10sec the app crashes. $2.99 down the drain. This is reproducable behavior.

      Bought it in the US App Store 10min ago

    2. Team

      we have made an update of the app. The crashes were caused due to the new iOS version and the large amount of numbers on the phone.
      The problem is fixed now.

      Your tellows Team

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