How does the tellows Score work?

Your phone keeps ringing and you have no idea who is at the other end of the line? tellows mellows the time consuming searches for the truth behind an unknown caller. Thanks to the tellows Score you are now able to spot the trustworthiness of the calling number within the blink of an eye.

tellows’ aims to provide a free platform for all those who are looking for information on unknown callers. To achieve this, the focus rests on the special feature called the tellows Score.
Interesting fact: tellows is available in over 50 countries and used by million of people to rate incoming calls!

Positive Score This is a trustworthy caller. Most people rated this number positively.
Neutral Score Either this number is still unknown to tellows or there are not enough information available to categorize the caller adequately. However, there is the chance that both negative as well positive comments balance each other.
Dubious Score Attention! The majority of tellows users rated this number untrustworthy. Please make sure to deal with this caller cautiously.

This Score enables your fellow tellows users to rate and categorize each phone number on a scale from 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (dubious). The Score itself is hereby provided by an complex and extensive algorithm that considers various factors and user opinions in order to categorize the nature of the call adequately. Therewith, it allows all tellows users to spot the trustworthiness of the telephonenumber in an heartbeat.

Recalling the important points

By accessing the tellows website or directly in the iPhone or Android app, you can find out who called, find out where the number is from and read reports from other users. If there is a risk of the call being a trap, you can identify it directly on the screen of your cell phone avoiding discomfort and danger of falling into telephone fraud.

With the tellows app, community comments are integrated into the list of suspicious numbers and, whenever you receive a message from an unknown number, the tellows score will appear on your phone screen.

Tellows also allows the user to register as a member and can create personal block lists and add unwanted numbers that are not yet in the tellows score or that are not a public threat. In this case, even if the number ranking in the ranking is positive due to other evaluations, it will be identified as dangerous when you receive a call. In addition, you can block it even before the phone rings using the premium version of the tellows app.

By logging into the application, all numbers that you have commented negatively on the website or the app itself are imported and immediately transferred to your personal block list, even if the final grade is not between 7 and 9 in the ranking. Your list does not depend on the ratings of other users. The block list can be used on any device where the app is installed, in any tellows product just login.

In addition, as a registered user, your comments cannot be removed without careful review by the tellows team. Before removing it, the team will contact you to clarify any doubts. Registered users are also allowed to edit their comment after posting.

Becoming a member is quick and easy and allows you to try the premium version of the tellows app at no cost for a month. Try it!

What else does tellows have to offer?

Jetzt bei Google Play

Thanks to the tellows App your are now always warned against unknown callers. The tellows Score will be displayed on your phone once it rings. It is now up to you whether you are willing to accept the call or ignore it alltogether. With the blocking feature, you don’t have to bother being called by unknown numbers all the time.

Besides the app, try our landline protection and read the tellows magazine!

fritzbox Sperrliste

With the tellows scorelist that you can import into your Fritzbox, you can simply block phone numbers that are rated negative by the community. This allows you to immediately recognize unwanted calls as such.

You can read our years of experience with unknown and dubious calls in our tellows magazine. It has useful information about different types of fraud and some tips to protect yourself from the danger of dubious calls. And the best thing is, it’s completely free!