The tellows Karma status is now available as a patch – collect points and become a tellows “legend”.


For some time now, there has been a ranking system for the tellows community – the tellows karma points. In order to honour the dedicated educational work of our members and to make the interactions in the community even more transparent, you can now fight your way from level to level. The high score list in the members’ area shows both your score and your ranking in the community. The patch next to your username defines your level and shows the community how many karma points you have already collected.

Overview of the new levels

In order to publicly display the commitment in the community, each user is given a patch. In doing so, you can reach a total of four different levels depending on your score. You reach the level “Investigator” if you participate in the investigative work of the community. Via the “Defender” level, which you reach when you have collected 50 points, you can fight your way up to the “Protector” level (100 points or more). With a legendary karma value of 500 points, the “Legend” rank is rightly awarded for unparalleled community involvement.

Join tellows now and receive benefits

As a member, you automatically earn Karma points. As soon as you are logged in, you have access to a personalized infographic in the member area that reveals exciting facts about your activity in the community and shows to what extent your ratings are helpful for the general public. Depending on the level you reach, exciting rewards will be unlocked. For example, voucher codes for our FRITZ!Box Caller Protection are available for family and friends when you reach the higher levels. In addition, comments from “protectors” and “legends” are automatically rated as positive. As a registered tellows user you additionally benefit from the protection against deletion of your comments. Your comments cannot be deleted without a detailed review by the tellows team. Furthermore, members can create their own personal blacklist in addition to the community blacklist. You can find more info at member area.
If you are not a tellows member yet, you can join here.

This is how the karma points system works

The tellows Karma Points are an exclusive ranking system for tellows members. As a logged in member, the point collection starts automatically. For each rating you get one point. The more detailed the ratings in the community are, the better the protection against spam calls. Therefore, providing the caller’s name as well as a comment on the rating earns bonus point each time. Reviews of other reviews are also rewarded. If your comments are marked as helpful, your karma account increases. You can find an overview of the scoring system by clicking on one of the patches. The more points you collect, the faster your level in the tellows community increases. Collect Karma points now and contribute to the protection of the community with your commitment.



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