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Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

Use tellows reverse phone lookup to identify unknown numbers!

tellows.co.uk is a free reverse search of telephone numbers based on users‘ experiences. The tellows community has over 7 million of users every month, who regularly share information about telephone numbers. Compared to telephone books and directories, tellows collects more information about different telephone numbers. At tellows, calls are classified into different kind of caller types and categories, in order to make it easier for users to recognize unknown numbers. There is also the tellows score: a complex algorithm that incorporates data such as user ratings and search statistics. With the tellows score, it’s easier to decide whether you should pick up a call from an unknown number or not. By leaving ratings and writing comments at tellows, you can help other users to identify unknown numbers and to protect them from dangerous calls. In case you keep getting bothered by unwanted calls, tellows offers many products that can help you! Further information about our products can be found here.

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tellows Caller ID & Block App on your phone can protect you from unwanted and dubious calls. The app can identify unknown phone numbers for you. You can even know who’s calling you when your phone rings. When your receive a call from an unknown number, the app can automatically display the information about the caller reported by users. With the displayed tellows score, you can know how dangerous the call might be. tellows app also has a blocking feature (premium version) that can protect your from spam calls. Therefore, you will not be annoyed by dubious calls everyday.

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20 thoughts on “(English) Reverse Phone Lookup

  1. Raheel

    00447024023735 scam mails me …..
    Dear Honey,

    I am sorry for late response, I was so busy at the hospital

    I must say you are very lucky, I want to inform you that there is good news because i just took my leave from work today because i will be traveling to west Africa Burkina Faso to sign some documents regarding the conference i will be attending in Canada and in Africa next month, My flight will be leaving 10.05am on Sunday Morning to Africa, as soon as i arrive Africa on Monday evening by 5.45pm i will send you my hotel number in Africa so that you can reach me on phone, I will only stay there for 2 days to sign the document and I will book my flight to your place immediately, as soon as I finish signing the papers i will come direct to meet you in your Place,

    I will let you know as soon as i arrive Burkina Faso for you to reach me on phone, I will arrive Burkina Faso on Monday evening then i will give you my hotel number for you to call me.

    I want you to call me before I leave UK Sunday morning to Africa, call me on my telephone number +447024023735 before i leave UK, i want us to discuss on phone before i leave UK on Sunday morning ,I will be with you in your place latest Thursday next week.

    Please i want you to confirm your full address to me in your next mail so that as soon as i arrive west Africa Burkina Faso i will know how to book the flight from there to your place

  2. Mrs martin

    Who number does this belong to my nan keeps getting phone calls asking for someone she knows but doesn’t live with her so she can’t understand how they got her number or even think tht one of her granddaughters even live with her
    Number is 01635818949
    Plz help me know we’re this number is from


    Who number does this belong to my nan keeps getting phone calls asking for someone she knows but doesn’t live with her so she can’t understand how they got her number or even think tht one of her granddaughters even live with her
    Number is 085256200352…
    Plz help me know we’re this number is from

  4. Frederick Williams

    A caller claims that he has investigated my entitlement to re-imbursement of PPI payments and other charges by my bank, and has extracted £2500; he now wishes to know whether I want it paid into my bank or as a cheque, in which latter case the cheque will be delivered to my doorstep by a solicitor; but before this can be done his firm will need a service charge of £150 to be paid. He gave his telephone number as 0207-193-1365.

  5. Jordina

    A number calling to my number is + 53 52 833519 or +53 52276093 I think is a scammer is calling and putting down when I want to pick up i am from Namibia and this number looks so ward and people are taking chances in internets with other people bank accounts and try to transfer money to their accounts

  6. Rena

    I keep getting calls from a number saying he’s a carrier from Madison County area to deliver certified mail. I’m trying to find out if it’s legit why not send it to my po box and i can signed for the ceritified mail there as well. I feel it’s a scam because i’m given a number to call and reschedule the delivery to my place of residence or my job. I don’t trust anything with all the scams going on. I don’t owe anyone and if it’s something i don’t know about then send me a bill like everyone else. The number is 256-217-5097 guy says his name is Tim Sutton. And he gave me a 833-437-0488 to call to find out what the certified mail is. JUST DON’T TRUST IT

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