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How do I redeem my tellows app coupon code?


If you have received a coupon code for the tellows app, you can use it to activate a free 1-year subscription. Activation is confirmed via the Play Store or iTunes. After the free year, the subscription changes to a paid subscription. If you don’t want this, you can cancel the subscription beforehand so that it is not renewed.

How can I activate the code in my Android app?
How can I activate the code in my iOS app?

How can I activate the code in my Android app?

tellows Android Apptellows Android Apptellows Android App

Step 1: Click on “Premium” in the app menu and enter the code at the bottom of the page with “Redeem coupon”.

Step 2: Then confirm the free subscription at the top of the page by clicking the “Buy” button, which will take you to the Play Store.

Step 3: Activation only takes place when you confirm the free subscription via the Play Store. In the Google Play dialog you will also see how long the free period lasts and when the subscription becomes chargeable.

If you already have a subscription, your existing subscription will be extended with the free period so that the purchase period is postponed. You can view the subscription details in the Play Store.

How can I activate the code in my iOS app?

tellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS App

Step 1: Visit the tellows deals page:

Step 2: Enter your code in the input field to receive your individual iOS voucher code. Save the code.

Step 3: Now open your iOS app and click on the “Pro” menu.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Coupon Code button.

Step 5: Enter your previously individually created code and follow the dialog.

Step 6: Finally, you have to confirm the premium subscription, which includes a free trial period of one year. The iTunes dialog also shows you how long the free period lasts and when the subscription becomes chargeable.

Step 7: You will then return to the app, where the active subscription will be displayed in gold with a one-year test period. Pro is now ready to use in your app.

If you are already using a subscription or had a subscription in the past, unfortunately you cannot use the coupon code.

Any questions or problems?
We are happy to help you! Simply use our support page.


Major Changes following the tellows Android App Redesign


Hello tellows friends,

We at tellows have some exciting news: We have released a major app update!

Some of you may have been lucky enough to have used or seen the latest version already, as the update has been rolling out since the end of November. Check it out in the Play Store!

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New update from our Android app


Dear tellows users,

Today we would like to talk about the new features of our Android app!

Since 2014, the year we launched it, our app has grown: we have moved to over 450,000 downloads, more than 6,400 evaluations and 200,000 subscribers. Every day we work hard to improve it and your advice and feedbacks have been fundamental.

Functionality at a glance

  • Immediately identify who is calling you:

We have improved Caller ID, so that the spam numbers are immediately detected through the tellows app; the tellows score will be always shown on the screen of our mobile phone and, in addition to the rating, you will also be able to find out the name of the caller, the type of call and from which location it phones. You will have all the information you need, so you can decide whether or not to answer calls!

  • Find any number and info on callers:

With over 180.000 reviews per day, you can find out who is bothering you in no time. Thanks to your reports, our database is constantly updated and over time it has become a big world family. New countries and new languages ​​are available in the application, no scammers or call centers around the globe will have a chance!

  • Evaluate and comment on phone numbers:

Commenting and evaluating is now easier and more immediate, in order that you can help us in our mission against telephone scams; just connect to your account and enter in the tellows world from all devices in a simple and free way. It is not required to leave a comment anymore when rating a number which makes it faster to evaluate unknown numbers. Your negative rated numbers are also on your personalized blacklist and can be blocked with premium.

  • Call barring and Blacklist customized with Premium:

In the Premium version, all dangerous numbers rated by you, are saved on your phone and can be blocked even in offline mode. All is possible thanks to the black list stored and updated locally and also use it without any advertising.

We could not be more proud of our product, but without your support and the trust that you give us every day, we would not have made the giant steps we have taken so far: you, our community tellows, are the beating heart of our app!


The tellows app for Android and iPhone – Avoid Spam and Scam Calls with our Caller Identification


You can now access real-time information about your incoming calls to learn more about the caller – whether it’s a trustworthy friend or an annoying telemarketer. Once your phone rings the tellows app will tell you the trustworthiness of the caller. Share you experience about the number by commenting on the caller’s phone numbers, thus warning your fellows tellows users against probable dangers.

The only requirement is of course, aside from internet access, an Android Smartphone or an iPhone.
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Android App Support


Dear tellows users,

the following text contains frequently asked questions and their respective answers. If your question is not listed below, please use the contact form to address our support directly.

We are looking forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback. Should you miss features or feel the necessity for improvement, please let us know.


tellows Android App F.A.Q

-> How does the tellows Score sync work?
In contrast to the tellows iPhone app, our Android app syncs to the tellows servers in real time. Hence, there is no need to download any score lists or to update data bases. You are always up-to-date.

-> I already use the old Android app, do I have to pay for the update?
No. Since you remained true to our old app, it’s free for you.

->I’m from the Netherlands or Poland. Does the english version work for me as well?
Yes of course, Have a look at the app’s country setting and check whether you home country is selected. Otherwise the tellows app syncs with the wrong domain.

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