Major Changes following the tellows Android App Redesign


Hello tellows friends,

We at tellows have some exciting news: We have released a major app update!

Some of you may have been lucky enough to have used or seen the latest version already, as the update has been rolling out since the end of November. Check it out in the Play Store!

The changes:

1. New usability updates. Our main goal of this update was to make the app easier to use and to make your user experience better.

To do this we have drastically changed the app menu. It is now easier for you to navigate to different areas of the app. We have also made it easier for you to interact with the app and leave feedback or share it with your friends.

The settings menu has also been re-structured and gives a more visible overview of the features and current status of the settings.

In ‘caller history’, we have also made it possible for you to block numbers with one click, giving you even better protection from spam callers. Blocking numbers can now be done without using Premium. Simply rate a number negative or add the number to the blocklist. From now on the callers will not get through anymore.

2. View your manually blocked numbers. We have received many requests from you about this and are excited to finally reveal it to you!

From the menu there is now the option ‘local scorelist’. By clicking this, you can see all the numbers that you have previously rated alongside those that you have manually blocked. This means that you can keep track of your activity much more easily. Don’t forget to make sure that blocking is enabled in settings.

3. View incoming SMS. From now on you can also scan your SMS for possible spam.

You can enable the feature in the settings by allowing the app to access the SMS sender info. The app will check the phone number for any matches in our spam database. The details can be seen in your caller history with a SMS symbol. SMS sender details are only displayed in your caller history if the SMS originated from an unrecognised number. We also added the caller category “SMS Spam” so you can easily report SMS spam.

4. Change language in the app. We have received lots of requests to introduce this function.

In settings you can now change the app language manually. This means that you can now use the tellows app in a different language to the language of the rest of your phone.

5. Integration of the tellows man. The tellows superhero is now there to show you the app when you first join us. Let us know your ideas for what his name could be!

The tellows Android app is free of charge and available on Google Play:Get it on Google Play
What do you think of our latest update? Don’t forget to give us your feedback!

Your tellows team


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