NHS Covid-19 contacting call- real or fake one?


Dear tellows friends,

we know what you might think: “Corona Virus scams again?!” But trust me, even tough we already informed you about a lot of scams regarding to Covid-19, we have to inform you about this one! It is a really sneaky trick and there is a high probability that you might fall for the scam if you don’t know how to recognize it.

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Service Volontaire International – a new collaboration for tellows

FacebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailDear tellows friends,
as you already know, the tellows database contains over 1,8 millions of telephone numbers which are reported by our users. However, not only our users can benefit from this database but also companies and organisations! Like we explained on our API page, we are always happy about new collaborations and partnerships by offering access to our database. We are really glad to inform you about our latest collaboration with a volontaire organisation. The name of the organisation is “Service Volontaire International (SVI)” and they use our Scorelist API in a FreePBX system in order to block unwanted calls. By that they are free from any spam or fraud-call and can concentrate even more on doing something good.

But let us introduce you the organization a little bit further..

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How do I redeem my tellows app coupon code?

FacebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailIf you have received a coupon code for the tellows app, you can use it to activate a free 1-year subscription. Activation is confirmed via the Play Store or iTunes. After the free year, the subscription changes to a paid subscription. If you don’t want this, you can cancel the subscription beforehand so that it is not renewed.

How can I activate the code in my Android app?
How can I activate the code in my iOS app?

How can I activate the code in my Android app?

tellows Android Apptellows Android Apptellows Android App

Step 1: Click on “Premium” in the app menu and enter the code at the bottom of the page with “Redeem coupon”.

Step 2: Then confirm the free subscription at the top of the page by clicking the “Buy” button, which will take you to the Play Store.

Step 3: Activation only takes place when you confirm the free subscription via the Play Store. In the Google Play dialog you will also see how long the free period lasts and when the subscription becomes chargeable.

If you already have a subscription, your existing subscription will be extended with the free period so that the purchase period is postponed. You can view the subscription details in the Play Store.

How can I activate the code in my iOS app?

tellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS Apptellows iOS App

Step 1: Visit the tellows deals page: tellows.de/tellows-deals

Step 2: Enter your code in the input field to receive your individual iOS voucher code. Save the code.

Step 3: Now open your iOS app and click on the “Pro” menu.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Coupon Code button.

Step 5: Enter your previously individually created code and follow the dialog.

Step 6: Finally, you have to confirm the premium subscription, which includes a free trial period of one year. The iTunes dialog also shows you how long the free period lasts and when the subscription becomes chargeable.

Step 7: You will then return to the app, where the active subscription will be displayed in gold with a one-year test period. Pro is now ready to use in your app.

If you are already using a subscription or had a subscription in the past, unfortunately you cannot use the coupon code.

Any questions or problems?
We are happy to help you! Simply use our support page.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagram

Sponsored posts on tellows


A sponsored post is a high-quality advertising contribution or article, that is written to suit the readers. For placing the post on the website, the publisher gets a payment.

We receive a high amount of inquiries where people ask if we could publish an article on our blog, therefore we want to give you an overview under which circumstances it is possible to work together.

We divide between advertising content and content written by editors. We mark these posts accordingly for the community. All published articles comply with the Google policies and are labeled as promotional articles. Furthermore, external links are labeled with the “nofollow” – tag.

The writing of an article can either be done from a tellows editor or from a costumer. We reserve the right to not publish articles if the content is inappropriate for our readers or if the article only contains advertisement without quality content. The topic should somehow relate to the section of consumer protection, telephony, fraud, tips for calling and similar topics. In other words, it should fit thematically to our blog. Be aware that we can only publish a limited amount of sponsored posts.

If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us. In order to do this, you can send us by using our support page.

Your tellows team


COVID-19 Scams Call and Text on the Rise

FacebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailThe pandemic is getting more serious, and scammers are calling home phones and sending text messages to mobile phones, which contain misinformation or could leave you out of pocket if you fall victim. In the UK, we have seen more and more reports regarding to the coronavirus scam according to Ofcom, and therefore would like to remind you again about this topic.

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Latest Scam Alert of COVID-19! More than £970k loss in a month

FacebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailWe are all worried by the pandemic, and watching news reporting how the numbers increase and people’s panic buying really don’t help. Nonetheless, during this time and days, tellows would like to remind you do not fall victim of phone scams related to COVID-19. Scammers around the world are taking advantage of the fear surrounding it to deceive people into disclosing personal information and money.

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Increase your visibility with the new tellows feature for companies!

FacebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailCompetitions is a crucial factor for a company and every entrepreneur or manager has always to find new solutions to reach their customers and increase its visibility on the market. In particular, online listing directories are now among the cheapest, fastest and easiest ways to make your company findable by your potential clients, and we know how important it is to be widely visible online. The tellows platform understood this need and decided to introduce a new feature in its website: a company entry for trust-worthy firms that allows both users and business people to add more information about a company and let other people know more about the person or the firm registered.

With this new feature, customers and entrepreneurs can count on several benefits on both sides, because accurate information will help clients to find firms that they can trust, and companies would be found and seen with the (proper) imagine they want to give.

For example, besides the better visibility due to being easier locatable in search engines and gain improvements in the SEO, people with tellows Android app will see the company’s name and address when you call them.
Moreover, creating and editing an entry is free and it can be easily and quickly updated at any time, as shown in the picture below; people can also leave their feedback on your business and you can see their recommendations, which will help you to rank better.

business entry editing

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tellows database – Where does the information about dubious phone numbers come from?

Facebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailtellows Scam Caller Types
Thanks to its large community, tellows offers up-to-date data on unknown phone numbers from all over the world. Using this information, we have developed various solutions to warn consumers of unwanted calls while the phone rings.

Where does the information come from?

More than 9 million users in more than 50 countries use the tellows website, the tellows applications and the partner products every month to find information about unknown calls and report details about frequently called telephone numbers. More than 20,000 reviews are received every month. Users share the name of the caller, the type of call and the purpose. Positive telephone numbers can also be reported and company entries for various industries can be stored to help people find your business.

Regular checks of the content are necessary for a reliable protection. tellows performs manual checks and uses automatic spam checks to ensure optimal data quality and to avoid manipulations.

How is the tellows database structured?

The database contains only phone numbers with existing ratings that are of public interest as they have called a lot of people. A phone number can have multiple ratings. With the help of the ratings, tellows creates an average score, which makes it possible to estimate the reliability of the number. The database of a rated telephone number contains the tellows score, the caller type, the caller name, the number of ratings and search queries, the location, excerpts from comments and other assigned caller names and types.
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What are the different types of telephone scam? tellows helps you to identify them and to stay protected!

Facebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailtellows is a reverse phone number search platform that gives you details about numbers reported by more than 7 million users in 50 countries. Using our platform you can identify calls from suspicious and annoying numbers and leave comments and ratings about them, in order to help other users in our community. tellows mission is to identify unwanted calls thanks to the information provided and shared by our users while our vision is to fight against suspicious calls and to protect our community users from annoying calls.

tellows works as a team with our platform users. We strongly believe that “sharing is caring” and we trust our users in true information about unwanted calls. With this informative post, from tellows we want to inform you and help you stay protected from the different types of spam and scam calls existing (…)

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Think phone spam isn’t a problem in the UK? Think again! Check out our annual report to see our latest research

FacebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailDear tellows fellows,

This week we celebrate the release of our latest annual report!

Your tellows team would like to wish you a happy new year! The new decade officially started more than one week ago and we want to take the chance to thank you all for the support you showed to our website in the past year. So, how has 2019 been as far as phone calls are concerned? Find out in our new annual report!

The annual report contains information about spam trends during 2019, including information about caller type, user and usage stats. This is in addition to general information about the growth of tellows throughout the year, most notably on its social media platforms. Check out our blog article from December 2019 which contains all the useful stats about user activity on tellows.

Download the tellows Annual Report 2019

As compared to 2018, in 2019 harassment calls significantly decreased in terms of percentage (from 29% to 19%), but the proportion of calls coming from telemarketers and aggressive advertising has increased. However, more trustworthy numbers have also been reported on tellows, making them the most popular caller type recorded in the UK. Among the most searched numbers from last year are:

  • +441709357345 (search requests 113838, ratings 91), which is supposedly a number used by the telecommunication company Vodafone
  • +442078553116 (search requests 97080, ratings 98), supposedly identifiable with Amazon Delivery service
  • +441844398909 (search request 238744, ratings 85), supposedly EE.

All in all, in terms of caller types, UK users have been reporting more useful calls, even if almost 75% of all calls can be considered as “unwanted”.

In order to make the tellows experience better, last year our team tried to create more engagement with the users by publishing a second version of the tellows magazine in January and was more active on social media platforms.

What is tellows magazine? Briefly put, it is our own magazine available in e-book format which contains all the important information you need to protect yourself against unwanted calls and alleged fraud. The content ranges from general facts about spam calls to ways for reporting them. Download the magazine for free!

In August 2019 we also achieved an important goal: our downloads on Google Play Store reached 500K! In the last few months tellows has been busy updating the app for Android and was finally able to launch the new version in November with some major changes. How is it better? First of all, we made some new usability updates which make the app generally easier to use, thus ensuring our users have a better experience. More specifically, the app menu has been drastically changed and the settings menu has also been re-structured. Secondly, we have made it possible to view manually blocked numbers by adding the new entry “local scorelist”. Moreover, we introduced a new spam category, which is SMS spam, and now phone numbers can also be assigned to this new caller type. Finally, the app language could be manually changed directly in the app. As for aesthetics, we introduced the tellows man, who is there to introduce new users to the app when it is first downloaded on the mobile device.

At least twice a week we create a new post on Instagram about new spam trends, advices for protection from spam calls and also small curiosities about cultures all over Europe. Of course, the Facebook page remains really active by publishing articles and being ready to answer inquiries from customers.

The annual report 2019 gives you insights into the worldwide scam and spam reports and the top trends of 2019.

Download the tellows Annual Report 2019

With this annual report tellows is officially putting an end to 2019, nevertheless the achievements made during the last year are just going to keep us motivated for improving our service and guarantee all our users major protection against unwanted calls. Thanks for the support!

The tellows teamFacebooktwitteryoutubeinstagram