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Thanks to its large community, tellows offers up-to-date data on unknown phone numbers from all over the world. Using this information, we have developed various solutions to warn consumers of unwanted calls while the phone rings.

Where does the information come from?

More than 9 million users in more than 50 countries use the tellows website, the tellows applications and the partner products every month to find information about unknown calls and report details about frequently called telephone numbers. More than 20,000 reviews are received every month. Users share the name of the caller, the type of call and the purpose. Positive telephone numbers can also be reported and company entries for various industries can be stored to help people find your business.

Regular checks of the content are necessary for a reliable protection. tellows performs manual checks and uses automatic spam checks to ensure optimal data quality and to avoid manipulations.

How is the tellows database structured?

The database contains only phone numbers with existing ratings that are of public interest as they have called a lot of people. A phone number can have multiple ratings. With the help of the ratings, tellows creates an average score, which makes it possible to estimate the reliability of the number. The database of a rated telephone number contains the tellows score, the caller type, the caller name, the number of ratings and search queries, the location, excerpts from comments and other assigned caller names and types.

How does the tellows blacklist work?

All numbers with a score of 7 or higher are generally considered dangerous or untrustworthy. Telephone numbers with a score of 7 to 9 form the tellows blacklist. To optimize the blacklist, only active phone numbers are added, which means that the phone number must have been active in the past few weeks. In order for the phone number to be classified as “relevant” and to be added to the blacklist, it must have a total of at least 3 reviews and have received at least one review or search request in the last four weeks. This ensures that only relevant data and active phone numbers are on the blacklist. 30% of all telephone numbers are only active for a few months and remain inactive afterwards. In the event of inactivity, the phone number will be removed from the blacklist. The blacklist for a country contains all phone numbers that have been reported by users within the country. This means that both domestic numbers and numbers from abroad can be included.

Depending on the product used, the blacklist is of different sizes and is synchronized at different times. The blacklists are used in the tellows applications, in the fixed network solutions for home such as the call blocker and the Fritzbox Scorelists and in the partner systems.

For integration into your own systems and applications, we offer a comprehensive API-solution that enables access to the data records and ensures extensive identification of calls both privately and commercially.

If you have any further questions, contact us via our support page.

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