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We’re happy to always receive your reports about phone numbers every day. With the help of all the ratings and comments that you post at tellows, we can help the entire community to prevent new telephone scams and dubious calls. In this post, we would like to share about the most searched numbers in the first week of September with you.

Let´s go trough the most searched numbers!


New Sky: BT asking to add the telephone number of the New Sky business to add to the BT directory free of charge.

David F: I called back and was told in a recorded message that BT had called but not to ring this number as they would call me back. It may be legit as Plusnet have been talking to Open reach about installing Fibre broadband.

Buzby: Be very carefull. Scammers are using this number in text messages to appear to be genuine BT engineers. Rather worrying as they appear to be organising a home visit. They are not BT.

This number is a quite long-lasting number that has been reported by our users since a long time. There are many comments from 2014 and most people aren’t sure who the real caller is. Some users have reported this number as the real British Telecom, others have reported it as a possible type of scam, stating that they aren’t the real BT.

The number of the search request of this number is high: more than 82,000 but the general score is 4, so most users would trust this number.


Barry Van Dyke: Trying to get me to extend the payment window for my recent purchase. Annoying, but not a bot caller at least.

Sarah: After calling me several times whilst i was busy, I finally answered and they hung up. Blocked.

Grainsley: Wanted me to take out a loan to pay off recent purchases rather than continue paying monthly for 52 weeks with no interest. I said I was not interested, three times and then the caller hung up without a thank you, although I am a very good customer.

This number is really hot and has been searched a lot, even if most comments there are old. It seems to belong to the company “Littlewords”, calling for sold items or trying to recover debts from customers.


Daffodi: Been ringing my mobile for past few weeks looking for a Spencer Richard Spearman. I’ve had my mobile number since 1995 so don’t know how they’ve got my number. Have now got a phone with blocking facility so I won’t be bothered by them again

Rosanna: Debt collectors of the worst type frightening people tantamount to protection rackets you the Law allows them to get away whilst Carillion Executives bask in the Sun on massive Pay offs DISGRACEFUL & DEVISIVE

The number is searched a lot without big peak during these last months. Most people believe that the number belongs to a debt collection company, asking for debts that don’t truly exist. The users who were called by this number have warned other users from the danger of the number and advised not to trust the caller.

tellows is there to protect you from unwanted and dubious calls. In our community, we have more than 300.000 users every month in UK who use tellows and report dangerous numbers every day. If you’d like to find a way to stop receiving calls from scammers or telemarketers, we have a solution for you! Our tellows app can help you identify and block annoying calls automatically, so you don’t have to worry about getting through these calls anymore!


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