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Dear tellows fellows,

it’s very important for us to provide our users the best service and useful information on our platform. All the employees working at tellows are involved in different projects to improve tellows everyday. Since earlier this year, one of our interns had been helping us to make tellows better in many different ways. We asked him to give us a peek of how it feels like to be a tellows intern and what tellows does behind the scene. Check out the interview below!

Could you first tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to do an internship at tellows?

“I’m Matteo from Italy and I’m a graduate in Economics. I wanted to have more work experience that is related to my studies and my favorite subjects so I searched for new job opportunities and found the chance to work at tellows as an intern for 6 months. I already knew about tellows before, because I used the platform to search for unknown numbers in the past. So I thought that it would be fun to know more about tellows by making an internship there.”

What kind of projects or tasks were you working on during your internship at tellows?

“Since the beginning, I was given different kind of topics and tasks. I was also given the task to improve the Italian domain of tellows by checking the website and fixing any errors. Then I have created blog contents and worked on collaborations of tellows with other blogs or websites. By sharing ideas with my colleagues at tellows, we were able to make good changes to improve tellows. I was also in charge of moderating the ratings and comments from our users. Sometimes we had to erase some comments that were not useful or informative enough for other users.”

What was your favourite thing to do from all the tasks that you had?

“Well, I love moderating comments in the morning, some comments are quite funny and make me laugh. I also found it interesting to make research about the topic telephone spam and comprehending the development of tellows using several softwares.”

Could you give us a little sneak peek of what tellows’ employees do behind the scene to manage and improve tellows?

“tellows appears as a huge website to the public. It has 50 domains and millions of users, so you might think that the website is managed by dozens of employees. But in reality, it is managed by just a few people who work very hard to keep the website operative and useful for the users. Their competence is the key factor to tellows’ success; they always check every single detail about the platform, create ideas to improve tellows, update the apps to keep it interesting for users. Every employee is involved in the project. Feedbacks from our users are also very important for us; they can help us improve tellows and fix any issues.”

Do you think you could use your internship experience for your future career?

“Sure! I’ve discovered a field I didn’t know that much about and I want to keep learning and growing in this field because it’s interesting. I also improved my language skills, since tellows is an international platform and working field. My foreign language skills could also be a strength for my future.”

Would you recommend other people to make an internship at tellows?

“Yes, because you can learn a lot of interesting things, new techniques and skills that you didn’t know before. Even though I was only an intern, I was trusted to have many responsibilities and to be in charge of different projects. I think it’s very beneficial for my competence and my abilities in this field.”


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