Weekly Top 3: New Year’s Resolution: Fight Spam Calls


Let’s welcome 2014 with our Weekly Top 3 – I guess this is a good way of starting the year to make sure that we can outwit, outsmart and outplay our enemies slash spam callers.

2014 is the year of the Horse, which according to Chinese culture, is a „symbol of speed and perseverance“ and people born in this year are – take note – „fabulous speakers who have a gift for getting through to other people“. Seems like this is the perfect recipe for the determined and creative spammers and scammers who pester us with everything illegal.

Happydays is just one of the 12,832 people who got this spam phone number, 08438320145:

I didn’t get to answer but when called back the message says Social Media and Marketing South Africa. As soon as I heard that I hung up. They say it is sales and marketing but it is unsolicited spam calling to randomly generated mobile numbers.

Talk about perseverance and determination huh! Let’s see if this dark horse could sell something using his random marketing strategy.

The second spammer is 01618278150 with search requests of 12,128. Stokie said:

Ranf stating I had not taken up PPi options on my may loans…what Loans? I dont have any…..The guy sounded like the “Roosting Birds ” add on the TV…just hung up…I can do without this sort of Hassle

Catching up with this week’s race is 01618710849 with 2342 search.

Andie commented:

Don’t respond to any of their questions. They are fishing for information. Spoke to Allan who said it was an accounting company who were passed my details because I had applied for credit online and been rejected. All false.

Consistent as in every year, tellows new year’s resolution for the year of the Horse is to fight spam calls. And we cannot do it without your cooperation. Submit your comments and let everyone be informed.

Happy 2014,
your tellows team


1 thought on “Weekly Top 3: New Year’s Resolution: Fight Spam Calls

  1. margarita

    am starting a public awareness campaign in my local community to warn those people who may not have internet access against answering any 0161 82 78 150 calls. RED STAR.
    Apart from sending emails to my contacts, im also printing out the info on Red Star to display in our community office.

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