Our Top 3 and more on the Swansea scam update


If you are one of those people affected by the £300,000 UK-wide mobile phone insurance scam, well here’s some good news: the men behind it have already confessed and admitted that they masterminded it. From October 2005 to April 2010, Christopher Surman, 47, Wayne Ghosh, 43, Andrew Patterson, 32, all from Swansea, and Omar Mapara, 33 from Yate, South Gloucestershire, conspired to cheat customers of mobile phone providers by selling insurance policies that were unauthorised by the Financial Services Authority and were invalid.

I hope it’s really a good news for you guys. Let’s continue to help our crime busters by reporting unjust and deceitful conducts.

And for our weekly top 3, these scammers really don’t learn their lessons. Tsk, tsk, i think they really want to go to jail?? They should never get away from this.

The first one is a typical nuisance caller from the Health and Safety department whatever, the second one is claiming he’s from the Consumer Lifestyles section whatever and that he can help you block unwanted calls and deal with overcharged interests, and the last one is a guy „from“ the Royal Sun Alliance something, who wants to help you with your overpayments.

Yes, they wear different masks, use several pseudonyms and aliases, and hide under these big company names just to sound legit. SO be extra careful and don’t panic!

Here are the highlights for the week:

Razzledazzle and Maggzy on 01625415620:

A firm called Citation keeps on calling me every 2-3 days from this number despite requests to stop calling as we are registered with TPS each time I am assured my number has been removed but obviously not the case

These people are trying to say they are Health and Safety ‘experts’. I don’t mind one call but they do it repeatedly when told we’re not interested. A nuisance that interrupts work.

Mark on 008009529975:

Indian call centre rings several times a week. Claim to be working for ‘Consumer Lifestyles’. Said I didn’t want to be contacted, and to remove me from their databases. He said that if I answered his questions I would receive less calls. I said that as I was registered with the TPS he shouldn’t be calling me at all, and then put the phone down on him. I know TPS has no influence if the calls come from overseas, and from what I hear not much influence in UK either. I’m sure the calls will continue…

JEC and miss02 felt harassed by 02033756307:

This number called my mobile today pretending to be a Consumer Helpline who had identified that I had been overcharged for interest on finance – I told them I wanted to know who they were acting on behalf of and that I would only deal with that Company direct…they hung up !!! PESTS !!!!

Constant calls but when you pick up they hang up. I then called back on the number, when they answered they said I had made an overpayment they said they were from “royal sun alliance” I hung up immediately. Please be AWARE this is a scam

Take care!
your tellows team


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