Unsolicited Telephone Calls: The Top 5 Nuisance Callers of the Week


Dear friends of tellows,

with another week coming to an end, we have another set of spam and scam numbers that have kept you and your phone lines busy throughout the past seven days. With a few new entries, this week’s list is composed of a mix of the usual suspects and newcomers. Let’s have a look:

1. 08000641087 with 9 comments and 9774 search requests. tellows Score: 6
2. 01143072000 with 15 comments and 8300 search requests. tellows Score: 7
3. 01482489200 with 4 comments and 1153 search requests. tellows Score: 8
4. 02392386688 with 3 comments and 1731 search requests. tellows Score: 6
5. 01625538490 with 8 comments and 6595 search requests. tellows Score: 8

Our first place this week, number 08000641087, is known to users on our Polish and German sites as well and has become a frequent guest on our list. Most of our users complained about having received several missed calls without any voicemessage left from the number. Additionally, user EVE reported that you can’t return the calls:

This number has rung my mother several times over the past few days,no ideas who its from because theres no message and you cant ring it back.

The second number today is 01143072000 calling from Sheffield. In spite of numerous comments and search requests on tellows, this week’s entry marks only its second appearance on our list. Even though the number with a tellows score of 7 is deemed rather untrustworthy by our users, its authenticity is highly debated. Whereas some reported a telephone provider behind the calls, others questioned the legitimacy of the calls due to the fact that they were also contacted abroad in the US and Turkey, for instance. User Buck commented:

The number called me.. No message left for me. Previous calls from same number that I won’t answer. Calls day and night. Good number search shows me where the call is made from, the location to the nearest 25 metres. Guess what, I am in Sheffield next week on business. Will be nice to meet the person won’t it.

Calling from Hull, the number 01482489200 ranks on our third place this week and is a newcomer to the list. Often allocated to a well-known telecommunications service provider in the UK, most have reported calls from the number as telemarketing and aggressive advertising. Additionally, most users questioned the authenticity of the calls like Petunia 70:

I said i didn’t know whether he was really from Talk Talk and asked his name. He asked for my name,address and birth-date. I said I would check with Talk Talk and ring him back.He rang off.

Another newcomer to our list, number four 02392386688 makes calls from Southhampton – the nature of which are rather disputed among users. While some regarded continuous calls from this number as nuisance, user L Scard rated the number as trustworthy, commenting:

got call from this number it was from spectrum housing group telling me when my job would be done,nothing horrible no sales talk just spectrum.

Finally, number 01625538490 from Macclesfield ranks as yet another newcomer on our fifth place this week. According to our users, the caller offers services to reclaim PPI for loans and credit cards. Most users have doubts regarding the legitimacy of the calls.

If you have recently received any calls from an unknown number that seem untrustworthy or dubious, do not hesitate to share your experiences on tellows.co.uk and help raise awareness about telephone spam and scam numbers. Have a nice weekend!

Your tellows team


17 thoughts on “Unsolicited Telephone Calls: The Top 5 Nuisance Callers of the Week

  1. Raymond Mercier

    I have blocked these, but cannot give any further info.

  2. Graham Holloway

    00052 744840 calls when I’m still in my pajamas. Then rings off after a short delay. While on there is a prominent mains hum. Who could it be with this strange number?

  3. Telephone Engineers UK

    I’m sick to death of No caller iD calling me at stupid o clock at night when I’m chilling out and through the day I get PPI or someone from London or 03333481401calling saying his name is JOHN but clearly, you’re from India or somewhere.

  4. J Bailey

    0121 538 9395
    Insurance claim. Asks is you had an accident in past X years. I refused to answer and asked them who did they think they were calling, they soon hung up.
    Now blocked.

  5. R Burgoin

    Called regarding a car accident I had not had. Stated the company was Hartelligence when I asked how to spell company name a couple of times caller hung up. No search on phone number comes up with any information and no company name found on internet search. I have had a number of ” calling regarding your recent car accident” calls recently who hang up when I ask them questions regarding where they got my phone number from, who they are, who said I had an accident, or state they are a bit late as it was 20 years ago!

  6. D. Knight

    No. 01414960872 – said they were from a company called United Kingdom Preferences and just wanted to ask me a few quick questions.
    Also called yesterday. Never ask if I’d mind, just launch into their annoying spiel with a foreign accent I can barely even understand.

  7. Worthington

    Greenfield Securities keep phoning me up despite telling them not to. I initially logged on their site out of curiosity months ago but are infuriating me now especially as l am in poor health.

  8. Norrie Crook

    I keep having calls from 0047642763410. There is no one there when I pick the phone up and when I try to ring back after calling 1471 I am told “Please hang up”.

  9. fay howard

    I am receiving calls daily, sometimes more from 01933445547 based in Wellingborough, I cannot get the name as it`s said too fast. They are offering 10 free entries to the Euro lottery. I have told them politely and rudely that I`m not interested. For the last week I have stopped picking up when they ring but they got through in the car yesterday whilst I was driving, so couldn`t look who it was. This is now bordering on Harassment. How do I stop it?

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