The New iPhone Update is Here!


Dear tellows fellows,

We are happy to announce that tellows has released a new update of our Caller ID & Block App for iPhone with brand new features! In the new version, it’s now even easier for you to protect yourself from nuisance calls. As you probably already know, the tellows app can help you to find information of telephone numbers all over the world. We have finally created new features, such as free real-time identification and automatic update of the caller ID, so you can enjoy even more benefits, free of charge! So which are the new advantages you can get after the new update? Check it out below!

  1. tellows Score Display on Incoming Calls

The so-called Lite version of the tellows protection, which is the free version where users won’t be charged at all, now offers automatic identification on any incoming calls. The tellows score will be displayed on the incoming call, indicating the potential risk of the call. The score 1 means that the number is trustworthy, whereas score above 7 refers to potential risk of the number. With this new feature, it’s even easier for users to decide whether they should pick up a call and whether the number is possibly dangerous or not.

  1. More scores – more details!

From now, your phone will not only identify dangerous calls. You will also benefit from information of positive rated numbers, such as trustworthy companies or service hotlines. The new app version will identify numbers from score 1 to 9 to provide you with more information for better security.

  1. Automatic Caller Identification Update

In the new version, you don’t have to update the caller identification manually anymore. The application will automatically update it for you! The purpose of the update is that you can always get access to the newest and most complete database that you need. The tellows database makes it possible for your phone to get information of the tellows score and even the caller information, e.g. caller names, types, address, etc. Therefore, you will always be able to know who calls you! (display of caller names or types are only available in the premium version)

  1. Click on Search Box

Now you can easily search for telephone numbers in the application. All you have to do is click on the search box and type the phone number that you would like to search. If you want to search number that has called you before, you can easily copy and paste the number into the search box!

  1. Direct Click to Member Area

Have you ever wondered how you can edit or delete the comments you’ve written before? Usually, you always have to open your browser and go to your member area at tellows website to be able to edit or delete your previous comments. The new version has made it so much easier for you. If you are logged in, you can click on the key symbol on the top right corner and you are redirected to your member area. Of course, you can do many things in your member area. You can see, edit, or delete previous comments, you can edit your notification settings and nickname, and you can also view how many numbers are on your personal blacklist! For further information about the member area and its benefits, please see the registration page.

  1. Automated score selection

We realized that users often forget to select the score when giving a rating. Now the score will automatically select when choosing a category, so it will always match with the caller type. Of course, you can still select the score manually and change from the pre-selected scoring.

So do you like the new features? Don’t miss out the benefits you can enjoy with our iPhone app and download the newest version now! Tell us what you think below in the comments!


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