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Every number that you find in our community is classified according to the type of call. Through different types of call, our users can easily recognize to which category the number belongs to. But sometimes the different call types might be confusing. You might sometimes be wondering whether a certain number should be categorized “Telemarketer” or as “Aggressive Advertising”. To avoid any kind of confusion and to show the clear differences between the caller types, we would like to give an overview of every single caller type that we have at tellows. But we won’t just explain what the term means, we will also give you some tips if you perhaps receive these types of call.

1. Trustworthy Number

Trustworthy numbers are phone numbers which don’t harm or bother you. Usually you even already know the person and the company who is behind the number and you are certain that the caller doesn’t have any harmful intention.

ele reported amazon driver with the number 02078553116 as trustworthy number

amazon driver who arrived 20 min early phoned multiple times, i at first did not answer because i didn’t know the number then looked on this site and realised he was early. thanks

2. Sweepstakes, Lottery

In this case the caller would tell you that you had won in any kind of lottery. Sometimes they’d tell you that you have won a certain amount of money, sometimes you might be told that you’re getting a holiday trip, shopping vouchers, etc. The only remained question is, whether it’s indeed a real lottery or just a fraud.

Tips: You should always consider at first, whether you had participated in any lotteries in the past and whether there’s any cost that you had to pay for the lottery. In a real and trustworthy lottery, you usually wouldn’t have to pay further costs, especially if it might seem like a suspicious amount of money. In many cases of frauds, the caller would ask you to transfer money for transportation cost or they might ask you to make a subscription where you also had to pay.

Vivienne Lucas reported Lottery with the number 0016046530558 as Sweepstakes, lottery

We had a call from this company saying we had entered a sweepstake and we had come through to the final dozen.They said we might be lucky as we had made it through to the final draw and they were expecting a big win. So if we were lucky enough to win a large amount of money we would have to pay a tax for them to release the money to us. He started asking questions how much savings we had – when he realised we didn’t have any and that we said we hadn’t heard the Western Union Bank he rang off!!!

3. Debt Collection Company

The calls might be from different kind of companies, such as telecommunication services, lotteries, email services, internet portals, or shipping dealers. We would be informed that we still had unpaid debts that we have to pay in a short period of time.

Angela reported Sarah Wilson HM Revenue & Customs with the number 01444390629 as Debt collection company

Called me demanding that I or my solicitor call them back. They said do not ignore this message or prepare for the legal consequences. I was very suspicious so I googled the number and it told me it was fraud.

4. Aggressive Advertising

Sometimes we receive telephone advertising, although we never agreed that we would like to be called by phone. The company even tries to reach us over and over again, even when we have clearly rejected the offer. In this case, it is an aggressive advertisement. In the case of permitted telephone advertising, a customer relationship must exist between us and the companies. The companies have to get our written or (also) verbal consent to the acceptance of telephone advertising.

Claire reported unknown with the number 01253271945 as Telemarketer

Trying to sell Electricity/Power plans to our business address. We don’t have a business! Persistent callers, all with slightly different numbers. Trying to find out what provider you use. Would ignore

5. Survey

Survey can be conducted in person, by telephone, in writing or through an online questionnaire. Although calls for market and opinion research can annoy us sometimes, they do not constitute as unauthorized telephone advertising, according to the Federal Network Agency. It is only considered not allowed if the caller intended to make an advertisement at the end of the call without any prior notice.

Not interested in surveys reported unknown with the number 01382843190 as Survey

Name of company was something or other polls. Caller had a heavy Asian accent and I think he has called many times before for different companies. Said he wanted to ask me only four questions about my use of brands but his first question was to confirm my address, at which point I hung up.

6. Harrasment Calls

This type of calls might be harassing people because of different kind of reasons. Sometimes you try to reach back to the calls and the number suddenly doesn’t exist anymore. Sometimes they call you many times and when you answer it there’s no sound.

Tony L reported ISP with the number 01827830898 as Harassment calls

Pre recorded computer message about how my internet would be ceased within 24hrs due to it having been compromised from several IP addresses.

7. Cost Trap

In the case of cost traps, we receive an invoice for unrecognizable reasons, which we have to pay. These include, for example, a bill for a service, a subscription or a mobile phone contract that has allegedly been made over the telephone. A cost trap also includes callers who want to send you a very expensive product for free, but you have to sign up for a cheap service before. Frequently, callers also tried to get our “yes” through their systematic questions. The call is recorded and then manipulated so that it looks as if you agreed to sign a contract.

Tips: Never give any personal information through the phone, especially when you are not 100% sure of the caller! You can always tell them that you will call again and check for the trustworthiness of the number first at tellows. If there’s not enough information that you need, you can also call the official number of the mentioned company and ask whether the number that called you can be trusted or not.

Schubertdog reported unknown with the number 01610980000 as Cost trap

Claim to be calling from financial conduct authority FAV with a PPI refund. They want personal details and bank details. Don’t give them

8. Telemarketer

A telemarketer is usually a call center that reaches its customers by phone. Most call centers call to make an advertisement for the new offer, a survey for customer satisfaction, or to offer customer service for technical problems (help desk). Of course, it is also important here that they do not call us without our permission. It is often enough to just give a letter of rejection for further calls to the company if we do not want to receive calls anymore.

iritated reported unknown with the number 01273917845 as Telemarketer

Unsolicited marketing phone calls from a company who doesn’t seem to be aware of or care about contacting numbers registered with the TPS.

9. Ping Call

Sometimes the phone only rings for a very short time and we see unknown numbers (often foreign) on the display. If you receive a call like this and do not recognize the number of the incoming call, do not return the call. If you do, you may be connected to an international hotline that can charge a fee for connecting, along with significant per-minute fees if they can keep you on the phone. These charges may show up on your bill as premium services.
Chris reported 1948 with the number +4422 as Cost trap

Calls us twice daily in NZ. A real pain. Usually no audio, hangs up. Presumably hoping for a callback

10. SMS Spam

Nowadays we often receive suspicious text messages from unknown numbers claiming to be various companies. These messages are often very realistic and are therefore very dangerous. If you receive a suspicious message, make sure that you leave a comment about the number on tellows so that others are not scammed by the same fraudster. If you follow the link in a suspicious SMS or give out any personal details, be sure to inform your bank as well as the police.

The 10 different caller types are designed to help our users classify each call more accurately. In our statistics you also have an overview of which numbers have been classified under each category. If you constantly get a lot of annoying phone calls, tellows has many products that can protect you! Further information about our products can be found here.



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