Gigaset Smart Call Block – tech giant integrates tellows call protection for the fixed network


We have great news for all landline phone owners affected by phone spam. We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new product together with Gigaset Communications AG that offers every home a secure telephone experience: The Gigaset CL690A SCB telephone with tellows call protection.

The Gigaset CL690A SCB offers the latest developments that a landline phone can have. In addition to making calls and sending messages, the phone features a modern colour OLED display, an intuitive navigation menu, three integrated answering machines, date and time information, news, weather updates and the QuickSync contact management option. What makes the phone unique is the integrated tellows call protection. Each phone includes caller identification and call blocking software. Activation is required only once. The phone then receives daily updates with currently reported spam numbers and offers protection against unwanted callers.

Gigaset CL690A SCB

Aggressive advertising, annoying opinion polls or ping calls are a thing of the past. The database is constantly expanding thanks to the tellows community that reports phone numbers on tellows. This means that users always receive up-to-date information through an intelligent cloud-based service. With the Gigaset CL690A SCB, users specify which protection they want to activate in their phone settings. Caller identification, blocking or mute of unwanted calls is possible. In the case of incoming calls, the user is shown the caller’s category and the tellows score, which are quickly easy to understand in the respective signal colours and reflect gravity (white – unknown, green – safe, yellow – neutral, red – dangerous). This way users can quickly decide whether or not to answer the call.

Gigaset CL690A SCB

After a call, the phone number can also be rated over the phone. This rating is visible to other users and helps to better evaluate the caller.
A voucher code for a 1 year licence for caller identification is included in the purchase. The voucher code can be redeemed at The setup is very easy. All you need is a Gigaset account and access to the Gigaset elements App. Further settings can be made via the app. tellows call protection is currently only available for Germany!

In the future, Gigaset will offer the tellows call protection to all users of the IP-based Gigaset GO cordless telephone family. The service will be bookable from existing devices and can be commissioned via firmware update. Phone owners who will be able to use this function will be informed directly on their device.


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