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(English) Weekly Top 3 Update… Most Wanted Spammers!


Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

Here are this week’s top three callers:
1. 02073451299 from London with a tellows score of 8
2. 01477536273 from Holmes Chapel with a tellows score of 7
3. 08450304416 a premium rate service number with a tellows score of 8

This week’s favourite has been searched more than 3815 times now. We are dealing with a lottery scam here. Beware and remember to never tell unknown callers or strangers any of your bank details.

This is what wickedshelly reported to us last week:

called me today whilst in the middle of my shopping! told me i had won a comp for an ipad and £1000 lady then asks if i have ever entered the euromillions and wanted to know how many lines!! i then questioned whether shed want my card details to which she said yes! this is when i told her to never contact me again as i dont buy into scams! somehow this company had my details, must have been passed on through a third party along the way but i certainly dont appreciate it!

yomoe gave the following advice how to deal with the scammers:

if you answer to this number again get snotty with them..demand that they stop contacting you or harassing you for money…demand the ipad/iphone and then tell them that you will be seeking advice from a solicitor….they stop calling

The next number moved from last week’s rank 3 on rank 2. No further information on the number was added yet, but its search requests have risen to 1786 already.

According to the comments for the nuisance caller on rank 3, the calls come from a company called Curved Air Marketing Solutions. We are certainly dealing with a dubious number, as several users reported. Here is a short overview of the most useful comments:

Steven wrote:

Nuisance call on my answerphone. Ran through its whole sequence on there as no one pressed anything. Signed up with TPS and didn’t sign up for any marketing survey. Curved Air Marketing Solutions do have an ‚opt out‘ page on their website but how trustworthy that is given they are already calling ilegally is anybodys guess.

train added:

do not press 9 as requersted to stop calls, its a trap add a call charge to your bill- by pressing , you are agreeing to the charge.

And Steve gave the following advice:

We get plagued by these calls ( from 08450 304416) at all hours of the day and night – BT have told me that because its a recorded message and not an actual person making the call that the recorded message has to be licenced by „The Office of the Information Commissioner“. You should complain to The Information Commissioner on 0303 123 1113 and hopefully these pernicious pests will have their licence withdrawn

Beware of such methods and report us your experience with the scammers!

Team Tellows