(English) How do I redeem my tellows app coupon code?


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If you have received a coupon code for the tellows app, you can use it to activate a free 1-year subscription. Activation is confirmed via the Play Store or iTunes. After the free year, the subscription changes to a paid subscription. If you don’t want this, you can cancel the subscription beforehand so that it is not renewed.

How can I activate the code in my Android app?

tellows Android Apptellows Android Apptellows Android App

Step 1. Click on „Premium“ in the app menu and enter the code at the bottom of the page with „Redeem coupon“.

Step 2. Then confirm the free subscription at the top of the page by clicking the „Buy“ button, which will take you to the Play Store.

Step 3. Activation only takes place when you confirm the free subscription via the Play Store. In the Google Play dialog you will also see how long the free period lasts and when the subscription becomes chargeable.

If you already have a subscription, your existing subscription will be extended with the free period so that the purchase period is postponed. You can view the subscription details in the Play Store.

How can I activate the code in my iOS app?

tellows iOS App

Step 1. First click on the „Protection“ menu.

Step 2. Go to „Pro“ and scroll down to the „Enter coupon code“ button.

Step 3. After you have entered the code, the message „Coupon valid“ should be displayed.

Step 4. You then have to confirm the pro subscription. Activation only works after you have confirmed the free subscription in the App Store (the existing subscription changes into a free 1 year trial). In the iTunes dialog you will also see how long the free period lasts and when the subscription becomes chargeable.

If you are already using a subscription, unfortunately you cannot use the coupon code.
If you have activated a subscription with a coupon code in the past, it is also not possible to use the free year again. Attention: The special subscription is still visible, but the trial period of one year is skipped and payment is due immediately! Before confirming, pay attention to the payment due date on iTunes!

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