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Competitions is a crucial factor for a company and every entrepreneur or manager has always to find new solutions to reach their customers and increase its visibility on the market. In particular, online listing directories are now among the cheapest, fastest and easiest ways to make your company findable by your potential clients, and we know how important it is to be widely visible online. The tellows platform understood this need and decided to introduce a new feature in its website: a company entry for trust-worthy firms that allows both users and business people to add more information about a company and let other people know more about the person or the firm registered.

With this new feature, customers and entrepreneurs can count on several benefits on both sides, because accurate information will help clients to find firms that they can trust, and companies would be found and seen with the (proper) imagine they want to give.

For example, besides the better visibility due to being easier locatable in search engines and gain improvements in the SEO, people with tellows Android app will see the company’s name and address when you call them.
Moreover, creating and editing an entry is free and it can be easily and quickly updated at any time, as shown in the picture below; people can also leave their feedback on your business and you can see their recommendations, which will help you to rank better.

business entry editing

What information can be registered on tellows?

As you can see from the picture above, the basic information that can be inserted consists in the name and the address of the company, plus some additional details like the opening hours or the way to get an appointment.

How can I add an entry?

Adding the entry for your company is extremely simple. First, look in the search bar of the tellows website for the phone number that you want to associate your company with. Then click on the pencil-symbol or the “Business Entry” line, as the arrows in the picture below show. Please, keep in mind that a business entry can be added only for numbers with positive or neutral score (marked as green or yellow).

business entry tellows

Premium Entries

Moreover, tellows offers a Premium version for company entries. With the help of an API you can manage your entries. Premium entries offer multiple advantages:

  • possibility to add more details, such as the logo and the link to the company website;
  • exclusive data-lock: only the partner can access and edit entries;
  • positive tellows score: tellows partners receive a better average scoring than free entries (as long as there are no additional ratings available);

For more information about Premium entries, please visit our API – Partnership page

tellows premium entry

Discover the new tellows feature and make it easier for your clients to find you!

Your tellows team


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