(English) TRADING ONLINE – When Making Money Becomes Spamming


Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

Dear tellows fellows, we love staying in touch with you and always keep you informed about new events on our blog. Today we want to talk about online trading because there are tons of reports about companies proposing how to make money online using their trading product or simply offering a trading academy.
Let´s see some examples…

Waleed:“I got a call from this number the caller was aggressive and better described as rude. She tried to insist on taking about trading and that I appeared in her website. When I told her not interested she made a comment „what you don’t like my voice“and this is when I just told her this is the end of the call and hung up”

Sten: “Aggressive, too insisting and offensive”


J21: “Person wanting to talk to me about online trading. Not interested”

NvM: “They’ve been calling every day for weeks. As described, online trading telemarketer”


tabasschir: “Unsolicited call, introduced as BFI. I queried who they were and he said Basic Financial Introductions. He did ask „how are you today?“ so was polite. I just referred him to the GDPR regulations on using information without consent, then hung up.”

Jasmin456: “Female voice with Asian accent called my mobile and said they are offering financial advice. She did say thank you and bye before hanging up but not nice to receive a cold call on mobile number anyway.”


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Another growing phenomenon are calls relating to investment companies in cryptocurrency or more generally bitcoins. The idea to make money online or start an online trading academy is tempting and that is why this phenomenon is fast growing. These calls, as reported by the users, are very annoying.

Inspite: “Tried to sell me cryptocurrency. I think might be a scam. Don’t answer”

Marc: “Scam cryptocurrency company, Do not answer”


SGD: “A Cryptocurrency Cold Calling Scammer with a foriegn accent tried to con me into investing in their academy. They reckon they can make me money without providing a shred of evidence that they can trade.”


GSD: “Cold Calling regarding Cryptocurrency service. Was very rude”

Nick: “Stock trading? I hung up within 20 sec, so don’t know the rest of his story.. And I really don’t have to know actually.”


Investor: „A scammer who will take your money. Claims to be Siphiwe Sips Sipsfika Dlangalala. A bitfinex cryptocurrency/bitcoin fake broker, arbitrage agent. Uses many other numbers. 0615179328 0738429618“


Our advice to you: always comment on telephone numbers and enter the respective rating to correctly report the purpose of the call to the other users. You can also block incoming calls using the app for iPhone and Android. Set the call blocker to the highest score and nobody will annoy you.

Have you ever received similar calls? Comment below and share!

Your tellows Team


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