tellows API for programmers – Protection from Nuisance Calls (e.g. with Asterisk)


We have now created an API (live interface to tellows), which allows you to integrate the information about a number into your own programs. The API is mainly for programmers who want to access the data base of tellows.
An example application is the integration into a Asterisk telephone system, in order to process the score of numbers and respond accordingly.

For a detailed look at the tellows API with all available parameters, see our documentation: tellows API Documentation

If you are interested in an individual solution for your company, you can join our partner program: tellows API – Partnership Program

Response of the API via test access:

Parameters in the URL
xml: 1 = XML output; 0 = HTML formatted output
partner: Partner login will be given by us on request
apikey: key for partner login and is also given on request

Notes on using the API
The call is made via an HTTP request, where the parameters are passed as GET parameters in the URL. The URL structure is mandatory[phone number], whereby the parameter [phone number] must contain a pure number notation. Special notations such as „-„, blanks, „#“ and other characters are not allowed.

Partner login
The partner login is necessary in order to assign the generated server load to our site.
If you want to use the API in live mode, just write an email to stefan(AT) and I set up a separate access, since the test access is not intended for a permanent use.

Let’s go
We are curious about whether there are tellows-users, who surprise us with great ideas, how the data from tellows can be used. Of course, with your approval, we also write about our ideas and implementations in our blog!

All tellows products can be found in the tellows shop!

If you have questions about the commercial use of the API key, general feedback or any other comments on the subject, please visit our support page.

Have fun with the API!
Your tellows team


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