tellows cooperation: spam protection with Truecaller app


Dear tellows-fellows,

we are happy to announce that we are working together with one of the worldwide leading provider for phone book apps: Truecaller maintains a database with over 2 billion numbers which can be searched to identify phone numbers. It is possible to directly block spam and suppressed numbers. Using the search request feature, you can easily add numbers into your contact list or report them as spam, so other users can be warned as well.

Users of Truecaller benefit from entries made by the loyal and constant growing tellows community. This means a wider range for your entries and an increasing protection from unwanted calls. Before you even accept the call, the number will already be analyzed. In this process all known data records (tellows, among others) will be used to optimize the identification and warn about possible spam numbers.

Where the number calls from or how often it has been reported as spam, can be displayed immediately. The number will be blocked automatically, but can be restored and added to the phone book in one quick step. You can also access contacts that are already in your phone book using the search request list of Truecaller.

More than 150 million users already use the Truecaller app. It is visible how many times other users reported numbers as spam and therefore obtain information on the reliability. Placing tags makes it easier to sort numbers to specific sectors, so they can be found faster. The premium version allows to search for numbers by known names or identify numbers by pictures. With the feature „Discover“ additional contacts can be created with other Truecaller users, who have similar profiles or are already known to you.

The Truecaller app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

We are always happy about new collaborations. If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us.


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