(English) SPAM SPAM… My Baby Shot Me Down!! – A Symphonically Arranged Disharmony feat. Dr. Scam


Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

These are the most annoying callers of the week:
1. 01143072406 from Sheffield with a tellows score of 7
2. 01792306900 form Swansea with a tellows score of 6
3. 08451110202 using a premium rate number with a tellows score of 5

The calls continue and the spam calls keep on going! 
The number one spammer offers free installation claiming to be an engineer. Whereas the caller from Swansea harasses his victims. And last but not least, calling from a premium rate number, a spammer enforcing his unsolicited calls by calling multiple times a week. 
James reports saying: 

They offered me free insulation and wanted to send an engineer over. It sounded like a scam! I’m sure it is!! 

Whereas Allan Marriott says: 

This is an unsolicited call, for over a year I have been trying to stop all companies that contact me via text messages or phone calls, without luck, I used 1 website to receive info for a loan and have been unable to stop the harassment since

Stay tuned for next week and have a nice spam free weekend hopefully!! 
Tellows team.


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