The Nuisance Callers have a new Top 3


Dear friends of tellows,

Another week and new numbers for you to be aware of. Although this week was rather uninteresting, we still found our Top 3 numbers which present a happy mix of different tellows scores: from a 2 to a 7. Not all the numbers are untrustworthy but that doesn’r mean that they can’t annoy you to death if they want to. The difference is that trustworthy numbers have the ability to negotiate the possibility of the removel if your number from the calling lists. You just have to demand it. Now let’s see which numbers were looked up the most this week.

1. 01142565286 with 6 comments and 4008 search requests. tellows Score: 6
2. 08003289393 with 1 comments and 3730 search requests. tellows Score: 2
3. 08003160492 with 3 comments and 1253 search requests. tellows Score: 7

Our first number 1142565286 is from Sheffield – United Kingdom and it belongs to Motorway Direct. “Car protect” is just one of their companies and they call the people in order to offer them a car warrenty. It’s a great coincidence that the call comes exactly at the time when your own warranty expires.

This number is from a company called car protect. don’t know where they have my number from and why they knew that my warrenty has expired. they didn’t answer when i asked for it sop i hung up

The second number 08003289393 with the amazing score of 2 is from British Telecom and it either calls it’s clients in order to inform them of important changes or new proposals, or they call potential customers to offer them their services.

This number is associated with BT either accounts or engineering and would only be calling for a legitimate reason.

And finally our third number 08003160492 belongs to the Littlewoods Company or to Kay& co, that’s still unclear, but it seems to be a courtesy call, like after an order, they call to confirm the details. The strange thing is that in some cases no one ordered anyrhing. So if it’s a normal call and you really ordered something, then you have nothing to fear but otherwise be careful of revealing personal information.

This is a number from the Littlewoods company! They wanted me to answer some question about an order of mine but ive never ordered something there. strange!

If you have received such calls, which in some cases are a little bit dubious, share this information with the tellows community. You never know, how many people might find it helpful. Have a nice week

Your tellows team


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