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Stop The Spam! Top 3 Of The Week


Actions speak louder than words. Cold calling is more effective than other ways of advertising. Is it? Nothing is more annoying than spam calls in the early morning or at night …

Here are this week’s top three callers:
1. 01143072406 from London with a tellows score of 7
2. 07520905078 – mobile phone number with a tellows score of 6
3. 01477536273 from Holmes Chapel with a tellows score of 7

15 calls a day? No problem! The number on rank 1 is trying to provide dodgy lotteries.

User Richdragon reported:

Caller said he was calling regarding a competition to win iPhone on-line which I may have done as the caller confirmed my email address as well as obviously knowing my mobile numer which I rarely give out and never to online competitions. I asked them to send info in writing. I asked them to stop calling but they still keep calling. These people are a pain, are a pain. Yes I said it twice maybe they read these reports so maybe I can waste a bit of their time too.

phillip watkins reported us further details about this untrustworthy company:

vat number 880231931 customer care number 08448802598 btb european services limited www.eurochance100.co.uk i dunno bout this but sounds to good to be true

The number on rank two is trying to get people to call them back and put them in a queue. Beware – this might be a cost trap! By the American accent of the answering machine it is highly probably that your are calling overseas.

auteurneuf reported:

Got a call, no response when answered. Called back- straight to an American automated message saying I was 2nd in the queue so promptly hung up.

On rank three we have a cold caller with a Holmes Chapel number.

Stu wrote:

Asked for Mr. Rich Lewis. Said not on this number, he said I’m very sorry bye. Quite polite actually! Sounded Northern and like a call centre.

Stay tuned!

Team Tellows


You Can´t Teach An Old Spammer New Tricks – Top Of The Flops


It’s Friday evening and we’re ruling off this week’s spamming with the top of the phone spam flops:

01482489776 – with a tellows score of 7
01702356720 – with a tellows score of 7
02073451299– with a tellows score of 8

Still number one: our blank message and ping call friends from Hull with a busy phone line and an empty skull.

Still number two: the cold callers from Southend on Sea who neither have the most excellent communication skills nor can they deal with rejection.

New number three: a lottery for an ipad or an amount of money. An African proverbs says “You cannot win a lottery without buying a ticket”, this one will cost you only 44 £.

Richie reported this week:

competition as usual, 44 quid for a share in 800+ lottery tickets, after a bit of social engineering found out it is this company


address of the dtd euro services however is one of the offices in roxwell house, argall avenue, Leyton London E10 7QY

Have a nice undisturbed weekend and do not let the cold callers get your money!

Team Tellows


Whole Regions Suffer the Insolence of Nuisance Callers – The tellows Heatmap will tell you which


What is this Heatmap everyone is talking about?

The tellows heatmap highlights the regions which are subject to the most vehement of spam and scam calls.

How do we know?

The creation of a daily heatmap of the location bearing the greatest malady of nuisance calls is only possible due to your help and the number of search requests. The map displays hotspots the nuisance caller is focusing on. Furthermore, you can find out whether there are more people suffering from unsolicited calls around.

The heatmap provides an overview on the numbers activity in the last 24 hours on our statistics page

Feel free to express your thoughts on our services.

Take care!

Your Tellows Team!


A Number in Detail – Statistics on the Activity of Spam and Scam Numbers


Thanks to our statistics overview the detail is in the eye of the beeholder.

As soon as sufficient search requests have been made, this feature becomes available on the phone number’s respective detail page. The button “Search requests for this phone number” will open the chart providing further information on the activity of the Number. The time span under scrutiny may be adjusted to your liking, be it a day, a week or a month.

Here is an example:
01792455426 The high amount of over 2500 search requests indicate a increased level of activity. As we can see, this number’s nuisance calls were most prominent by the midst of last month and have been receding since.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this feature then feel free to contact us.

Take care!

Your Tellows Team!