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Weekly Top 3 Update… Most Wanted Spammers!


Here are this week’s top three callers:
1. 02073451299 from London with a tellows score of 8
2. 01477536273 from Holmes Chapel with a tellows score of 7
3. 08450304416 a premium rate service number with a tellows score of 8

This week’s favourite has been searched more than 3815 times now. We are dealing with a lottery scam here. Beware and remember to never tell unknown callers or strangers any of your bank details.

This is what wickedshelly reported to us last week:

called me today whilst in the middle of my shopping! told me i had won a comp for an ipad and £1000 lady then asks if i have ever entered the euromillions and wanted to know how many lines!! i then questioned whether shed want my card details to which she said yes! this is when i told her to never contact me again as i dont buy into scams! somehow this company had my details, must have been passed on through a third party along the way but i certainly dont appreciate it!

yomoe gave the following advice how to deal with the scammers:

if you answer to this number again get snotty with them..demand that they stop contacting you or harassing you for money…demand the ipad/iphone and then tell them that you will be seeking advice from a solicitor….they stop calling

The next number moved from last week’s rank 3 on rank 2. No further information on the number was added yet, but its search requests have risen to 1786 already.

According to the comments for the nuisance caller on rank 3, the calls come from a company called Curved Air Marketing Solutions. We are certainly dealing with a dubious number, as several users reported. Here is a short overview of the most useful comments:

Steven wrote:

Nuisance call on my answerphone. Ran through its whole sequence on there as no one pressed anything. Signed up with TPS and didn’t sign up for any marketing survey. Curved Air Marketing Solutions do have an ‘opt out’ page on their website but how trustworthy that is given they are already calling ilegally is anybodys guess.

train added:

do not press 9 as requersted to stop calls, its a trap add a call charge to your bill- by pressing , you are agreeing to the charge.

And Steve gave the following advice:

We get plagued by these calls ( from 08450 304416) at all hours of the day and night – BT have told me that because its a recorded message and not an actual person making the call that the recorded message has to be licenced by “The Office of the Information Commissioner”. You should complain to The Information Commissioner on 0303 123 1113 and hopefully these pernicious pests will have their licence withdrawn

Beware of such methods and report us your experience with the scammers!

Team Tellows


Stop The Spam! Top 3 Of The Week


Actions speak louder than words. Cold calling is more effective than other ways of advertising. Is it? Nothing is more annoying than spam calls in the early morning or at night …

Here are this week’s top three callers:
1. 01143072406 from London with a tellows score of 7
2. 07520905078 – mobile phone number with a tellows score of 6
3. 01477536273 from Holmes Chapel with a tellows score of 7

15 calls a day? No problem! The number on rank 1 is trying to provide dodgy lotteries.

User Richdragon reported:

Caller said he was calling regarding a competition to win iPhone on-line which I may have done as the caller confirmed my email address as well as obviously knowing my mobile numer which I rarely give out and never to online competitions. I asked them to send info in writing. I asked them to stop calling but they still keep calling. These people are a pain, are a pain. Yes I said it twice maybe they read these reports so maybe I can waste a bit of their time too.

phillip watkins reported us further details about this untrustworthy company:

vat number 880231931 customer care number 08448802598 btb european services limited www.eurochance100.co.uk i dunno bout this but sounds to good to be true

The number on rank two is trying to get people to call them back and put them in a queue. Beware – this might be a cost trap! By the American accent of the answering machine it is highly probably that your are calling overseas.

auteurneuf reported:

Got a call, no response when answered. Called back- straight to an American automated message saying I was 2nd in the queue so promptly hung up.

On rank three we have a cold caller with a Holmes Chapel number.

Stu wrote:

Asked for Mr. Rich Lewis. Said not on this number, he said I’m very sorry bye. Quite polite actually! Sounded Northern and like a call centre.

Stay tuned!

Team Tellows


SPAM SPAM… My Baby Shot Me Down!! – A Symphonically Arranged Disharmony feat. Dr. Scam


These are the most annoying callers of the week:
1. 01143072406 from Sheffield with a tellows score of 7
2. 01792306900 form Swansea with a tellows score of 6
3. 08451110202 using a premium rate number with a tellows score of 5

The calls continue and the spam calls keep on going! 
The number one spammer offers free installation claiming to be an engineer. Whereas the caller from Swansea harasses his victims. And last but not least, calling from a premium rate number, a spammer enforcing his unsolicited calls by calling multiple times a week. 
James reports saying: 

They offered me free insulation and wanted to send an engineer over. It sounded like a scam! I’m sure it is!! 

Whereas Allan Marriott says: 

This is an unsolicited call, for over a year I have been trying to stop all companies that contact me via text messages or phone calls, without luck, I used 1 website to receive info for a loan and have been unable to stop the harassment since

Stay tuned for next week and have a nice spam free weekend hopefully!! 
Tellows team.


When the Saviour Calls and the Snake Bites – A Brief Introduction in the Ways of Dubious PC Wizards, Doctors and other Online Charlatans


Your PC is infected with a Virus! – That’s What They Say!

First things first, sit back and relax. If you receive a phone call from company that claims to work on the behalf of Microsoft, it is a fraudulant attempt to drain your bank account. These wannabe Microsoft employees will spin tales about the most malevolent of software and the ways your PC system was infected by it. According to the American computer forum bleepingcomputer.com the fraudsters will try to lure you on onto their website to download a software called Teamviewer. This program enables the scammers to access your PC directly and, therewith, provides them with the opportunity to download and install malware, manipulate your system settings and spy for personal data. However, Microsoft will not call to warn you of a potential viral infection and offer support for free. Microsoft is not ignorant of the scam and was quick to publish an article on their investigation into the matter on their windows blog.

It’s those Indians – Isn’t it?

In most cases the caller entertains an indian accent. According to the Guardian the calls may originate in India. Nonetheless, the collaboration of additional companies is required to successfully funnel the money back to India. Firms such as PayPal are tricked into these dark schemes by forged documents but once the scammer’s accounts have been identified they are shut down immediately. Unfortunately, reversing already processed debit cards payments is nearly impossible.
However, Indian call centres are only one cogwheel in far greater machination. In numerous cases fake spyware lead the PC user to believe that his or her windows suffers dangerous malware by displaying fake system reports. In the next step the software will urge the user to dial non-geographical bound numbers, such as 18005010335 and 01234765093 to contact support and, ultimately, purchase the fake anti-spyware program. The very existence of rogue anti-spyware program indicated the involvement of professional developers aiming at infecting the peoples’ PC for profit.

Knowledge is Power – And Profit as Well !!!
Considerably more dangereous than the infection itself, however, is the fact that the scammers’ target groups are the old and the ignorant. Both of those groups believe in the authortity of the caller and , therewith, deliver themselves into the trap. Since the people’s ignorance is the fraudsters’ greatest and most effective weapon it is imperative to share our knowledge on the topic in every way possible. Tellows.co.uk and tellows.com provide the means to share information quickly and without restraint (as long as conformity with the law is given). This scam is most virulent in the english speaking parts of the world, although similar attempts of fraud have been reported in Germany where fraudsters even mimic the Bundesnachrichtendienst, the german intelligence agency. The scammer’s knowledge goes hand in glove with their profits, our knowledge, however, equips us with the power to deny them every single cent, penny or whatever currency there might be!

Take Care !!!
Team Tellows

1. Dealing with Fake Tech Support & Phone Scams – Windows Security Blog
2. Virus phone scam being run from call centres in India – The Guardian
3. Beware of phone telephone scammers calling on behalf of Google – Bleepingcomputer.com


You Can´t Teach An Old Spammer New Tricks – Top Of The Flops


It’s Friday evening and we’re ruling off this week’s spamming with the top of the phone spam flops:

01482489776 – with a tellows score of 7
01702356720 – with a tellows score of 7
02073451299– with a tellows score of 8

Still number one: our blank message and ping call friends from Hull with a busy phone line and an empty skull.

Still number two: the cold callers from Southend on Sea who neither have the most excellent communication skills nor can they deal with rejection.

New number three: a lottery for an ipad or an amount of money. An African proverbs says “You cannot win a lottery without buying a ticket”, this one will cost you only 44 £.

Richie reported this week:

competition as usual, 44 quid for a share in 800+ lottery tickets, after a bit of social engineering found out it is this company


address of the dtd euro services however is one of the offices in roxwell house, argall avenue, Leyton London E10 7QY

Have a nice undisturbed weekend and do not let the cold callers get your money!

Team Tellows


The Wicked Weekly Three – The Most Annoying Nuisance Calls in the UK


Unfortunately the gross of spam and scam calls remains undiminished. Yet the tellows community fights on unrelentingly to procure the information needed to help people avoid being ripped of by fraudster, telemarketers and similar mischievous entrepreneurs. Friends of tellows, keep up the good work!!!

Let’s have a look at the results:

1. 01616569884 from Manchester with a tellows score of 8

2. 01234765093 from Bedford with a tellows score of 8

3. 02477240004 from Coventry with a tellows score of 7

VERYANGRY reported:

I have had 32 calls in the last 2 weeks, rang customer services and all they wanted was my name and telephone number so they could put it on some mailing list. gave them the number & told the due to nursing an terminally ill relative the calls were neither wanted or welcome. got told on the other end of the line because of the way their system was set up they needed number, name and address. NOT A CHANCE, told them if they carry on i would start a campaign on Facebook & also would be in touch with Ofcom & the national press. wonder what Anne would think of this on BBC Watchdog.

The champions of this weeks wicked three incorporate the very prototypes of nuisance calls. The Manchester number is employed by Talk Talk to advertise their broadband access. Second in line is a wanna-be “Microsoft Certified Company” from India disguised as an phone number from bedford. Beware, they claim to remove malware from you PC, but it is them who will actually install it. Unfortunately, the last number’s owner remains a mystery still, yet, it is not less annoying.

John warned:

If you get a call from these jokers tell them they are nothing to do with Microsoft or their faults department. They are not removing malware, they are installing it!

This is a call that comes from India, diverted through an unregistered number. Guess how they can do that? They work for one of the call centres in India that are used by a UK phone provider.

The company they are linked with are currently investigating.

If you have broadband and your PC is on check your PC after the call. You may find your firewall disabled. I use Virgin media security and always keep everything active. Then scan for any viruses, worms, trojans or malware to check all is as it should be. Today they were using malware that looked like Norton – we don’t use Norton on this PC.

Be smart, these people don’t care if they screw around with your PC or laptop. They just want your money. Unless you have contacted Microsoft or their departments to deal with a known issue. The person calling is scamming you.

The battle still rages on the lines! Mind your steps, do not let them fool you!!!

Take Care!!
Team tellows


The Good, The Bad and the Most Wanted – A Brief Exposition of the UK’s Top 3 Spam and Scam Telephone Numbers


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our weekly exposition of the most annoying nuisance calls in the United Kingdom. Although, there are most certainly enough angered people to exert leverage on the authorities, spamming and scamming continues undisturbed and unbroken. Unsolicited waves of nuisance calls spread vastly:

Kevins expierenced:

recieved 20 calls from that number. they want to claim money back for you, from any old loans you have had.

1. 02070603887 from London with a tellows score of 7

2. 02031671196 from London with a tellows score of 7

3. 01603670620 from Norwich with a tellows score of 9

The pole position is held by London nuisance caller and was most active at the end of April. With their PPI claim scam method they provoked over 2000 search requests on tellows. Second place seems to be just another PPI claims company also based in London. Its high activity in April resulted in over 1100 search requests. Last but not least, spam caller from Norwich harasses people whitout any obvious reason. 1200 search request indicate the numbers eagerness and their commitment to provide ample annoyance.

JoOlz warned:

This is a cold calling computer attached to a call centre. The computer automatically calls random generated numbers then once you answer it logs your number in a database of active phone numbers and will call back. When they did get through is was call centre staff trying to hook you in for making a claim against miss-sold payment protection insurance

The community needs you!! Share your knowledge on fraudulent scammers and spammers!!

Take Care!
Team tellows


For a Fistful of Disgust – The Top 3 of the Most Notorious Spam and Scam Telephone Numbers in the UK


For the first time the UK’s most notorious nuisance callers have their own place among the web on the tellows‘ very own .co.uk blog. Unfortunately, this did not have a major impact on the spammer and scammer community but who knows what the future holds. But for those with fraudulent ambition the last week proved to be most effective. Let’s have a closer look:

1. 01613126506 from Manchester with a tellows score of 8

2. 01614783073 from Manchester with a tellows score of 8

The Manchester fraud lines strike again, but this time double headed! The vanguard is led again by the infamous PPI claims company resulting in over 3500 search requests and over 20 comments by our users. Following suit is ETA Claims which accumulated over 1000 search requests and 7 comments.

lisa reported:

called my mobile today at 6pm i missed call as it didn’t ring long, they called back at 8pm i answered they listened for a few seconds saying nothing then they hung up!! strange

3. 012068884362 from Colchester with a tellows score of 6

The rear is held by a yet to be identified Colchester number calling people several times a day giving nothing but silence after dozens of most disturbing rings. The number ranks with 400 search requests and 5 comments 3rd place of this weeks Top3 of Nuisance Callers.

bud commented:

this no. calls at least 3 times a day and has been for a couple of weeks probably more but no one speaks , what can i do? its really starting to get to me.

Take Care !!!!

Team tellows


Whole Regions Suffer the Insolence of Nuisance Callers – The tellows Heatmap will tell you which


What is this Heatmap everyone is talking about?

The tellows heatmap highlights the regions which are subject to the most vehement of spam and scam calls.

How do we know?

The creation of a daily heatmap of the location bearing the greatest malady of nuisance calls is only possible due to your help and the number of search requests. The map displays hotspots the nuisance caller is focusing on. Furthermore, you can find out whether there are more people suffering from unsolicited calls around.

The heatmap provides an overview on the numbers activity in the last 24 hours on our statistics page

Feel free to express your thoughts on our services.

Take care!

Your Tellows Team!


The Tellows Score – The Rating of the a Number’s Trustworthiness


Dear tellows friends,

tellows aims to provide a free platform for those who suffer a hail unsolicited calls and offers its users the opportunity to exchange their experience and knowledge. In order to mark dubious numbers tellows features the Tellows Score to make number’s potential danger obvious at first sight. Reliable phone numbers are represented by numbers smaller than 5 and highlighted in green whereas dubious numbers entertain numbers greater than 5 up to 9 highleighted in red. Hence, more dubious the number, the higher the numbers rating.

If you have information on any dangerous number we beseech you to share it with your fellows who suffer the same unsolicited calls. After all, it is knowledge that prevents the scammers’ and fraudsters’ success!

Take care!


Your Tellows Team!