The UK Top 3 Annoying Numbers


There are some new numbers on the top UK spam ranks:

1. 01933698538 from Wellingborough with a tellows score of 7
2. 01614867770 from Manchester with a tellows score of 8
3. 01622845421 from Maidstone with a tellows score of 8

The first number ist a telemarketing call. User Tom shows us we should stand our ground!

“Another scammer? Caller quickly hung up when he realised he wasn’t going to get anywhere.”

This week on 2nd place ist another silent call number. And this is how it goes reportrted by Cooper

“a most interesting call.

“Hi, is that Mr Anthony ********?”
“Yes, speaking…”
line goes dead.

sparkling, isn’t it? “

The UK presents a new nighttime harasser with 01622845421, calling late at night claiming to be from Energy asking for your bank account number. Remember you should never give out that kind of information over the phone!

That´s it for this week
Stay tuned and keep eyes and ears open for more spam numbers!
Kind regards,
Team Tellows


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