The Wicked Weekly Three – The Most Annoying Nuisance Calls in the UK


Unfortunately the gross of spam and scam calls remains undiminished. Yet the tellows community fights on unrelentingly to procure the information needed to help people avoid being ripped of by fraudster, telemarketers and similar mischievous entrepreneurs. Friends of tellows, keep up the good work!!!

Let’s have a look at the results:

1. 01616569884 from Manchester with a tellows score of 8

2. 01234765093 from Bedford with a tellows score of 8

3. 02477240004 from Coventry with a tellows score of 7

VERYANGRY reported:

I have had 32 calls in the last 2 weeks, rang customer services and all they wanted was my name and telephone number so they could put it on some mailing list. gave them the number & told the due to nursing an terminally ill relative the calls were neither wanted or welcome. got told on the other end of the line because of the way their system was set up they needed number, name and address. NOT A CHANCE, told them if they carry on i would start a campaign on Facebook & also would be in touch with Ofcom & the national press. wonder what Anne would think of this on BBC Watchdog.

The champions of this weeks wicked three incorporate the very prototypes of nuisance calls. The Manchester number is employed by Talk Talk to advertise their broadband access. Second in line is a wanna-be “Microsoft Certified Company” from India disguised as an phone number from bedford. Beware, they claim to remove malware from you PC, but it is them who will actually install it. Unfortunately, the last number’s owner remains a mystery still, yet, it is not less annoying.

John warned:

If you get a call from these jokers tell them they are nothing to do with Microsoft or their faults department. They are not removing malware, they are installing it!

This is a call that comes from India, diverted through an unregistered number. Guess how they can do that? They work for one of the call centres in India that are used by a UK phone provider.

The company they are linked with are currently investigating.

If you have broadband and your PC is on check your PC after the call. You may find your firewall disabled. I use Virgin media security and always keep everything active. Then scan for any viruses, worms, trojans or malware to check all is as it should be. Today they were using malware that looked like Norton – we don’t use Norton on this PC.

Be smart, these people don’t care if they screw around with your PC or laptop. They just want your money. Unless you have contacted Microsoft or their departments to deal with a known issue. The person calling is scamming you.

The battle still rages on the lines! Mind your steps, do not let them fool you!!!

Take Care!!
Team tellows


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