Better the Spammer You Know than the Spammer You Don’t – Weekly Top 3


And this is the new top of the spams:

01482489776 – with a tellows score of 7
01702356720 – with a tellows score of 7
02477240004 – with a tellows score of 7

This week’s top number is a mysterious one, never leaving anything but blank messages on people’s answering machines, pretending to belong to Orange – at least that is what the automated message says when you try calling them back. They have been annoying people for some months now. Some individuals even called Orange and asked for information on this number, just like

Orange customer reported:

Have definitely been told in writing from Orange that this is not a genuine Orange number and is at the moment being investigated by their security

On the second rank, ladies and gentleman, there is a cold caller from Southend on Sea. He says his name is Ross and calls people at home and then asks to speak to a certain person. If the person is not available, he justs hangs up. Must be agood business, eh?

Another hero is the one on this week’s 3rd rank. Ping calls from Coventry…

Aydeegee reported:

Hung up when I answered. Shame – I was looking forward to a long, time wasting conversation!

Let’s see what comes next! Forewarned is forearmed!

Have a nice undisturbed weekend in the sun!

Team Tellows


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