Don’t fall for the scam claiming to be from SKY!

Reports from people receiving calls from possible scammers claiming to be from a Sky contact center still continue on despite the recent conviction for conspiracy of 14 people who used the same trick, as sentenced by the Swansea Crown Court.

The latest report came from the victim who was advised to wait for a replacement viewing card to be inserted in her Sky box. The next scam caller told her that she was also entitled for a refund for the overcharging of Sky. After the victim gave her bank details to the caller, she then discovered that large sums of money had been withdrawn from her account.

The number 01332387203 was reported in tellows as a scam similar to this method:

PapaEllis said:

Despite leaving Sky and starting a new account at our new home, they keep calling trying to get us to sign up again

…while user Walter was also called by this number 01275390573:

Called asking for me by name in connection to my Sky TV. They reckon the service plan had expired.
Told them I didnt have sky, never had either – found similar numbers online with similar reviews so thought I would add this one to the list.

Other accounts from target victims start from a call requesting for a feedback on the service of Sky. This is just to confirm if they are really a customer or subscriber. If yes, then they get a follow-up call from the billing or sales department of Sky offering upgrades or cover plans.

The group of fraudsters who was sentenced by the Swansea court for 21 years in prison sold victims Sky insurance policies amounting from £69.99 to £99.99. These scammers used phone books covering all of Wales, and some parts of England to target their customers. The whole sales pitch sounded real and credible so they were able to get the credit or debit card numbers of the victims.

Those who did fall for the offer found that money was taken without their knowledge before the 12 month renewal date came around. In some instances three, four or five extra payments were taken within the year. Some customers had money taken twice on the same day by different members of staff.

Normally, if your Sky equipment is already out of warranty, you can get an insurance plan so that you can get it repaired or replaced if damaged. The service is actually provided by a 3rd party not by SKY themselves. And this opens doors for scammers.

The call would sound valid since fraudsters would know your:

  • name
  • the first 4 digits of your debit card
  • that you are a sky customer
  • that you had a protection plan
  • that you had recently renewed it
  • that you had not made any claims since renewing it

However, you should know that: when someone confirms your card details to you, they should give you the last 4 digits and not the first 4 digits. The first 4 digits are not unique but are in fact the same for all the other customers of the bank.

What to do if you think you got scammed

1. call SKY to confirm the call
2. call your bank and cancel your card
3. dial 1471 to get the number of the scammer if it’s withhelf and report it to the police

Protect yourself from this scam

Never give out your personal details on the phone to someone who has called you, always call the company back on a known number.

According to Sky, the viewing card does not exist and is just a way to engage the customer, and that if someone does have an issue with their viewing card, an onscreen message will advise them to call Sky rather than the other way round. If there’s no message, calls from “Sky staff” should be ignored.

Hang up and call Sky on 08442 414141.


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  3. #3 by DONALD KIRKBRIDE - April 14th, 2016 at 14:36

    Ive had two calls in the last two days supposedly from sky when i said i didnt have sky they immediately hung up
    the number left on 1471 was 01387 267 706 the 1471 voice tells you to hang up not to call the number press 3
    if the call was genuine sky which is doubtful as sky dont call customers the call would not be terminated abruptly

  4. #4 by Carol Lydster - August 8th, 2016 at 20:19

    I was called today by a foreign man saying he was from Sky and that I needed a new viewing card which I would receive within the next few days. It would not cost me any more and I was just to replace it in my machine after taking the old one out. He said his name was Sam Edwards and his phone number was 08442 414141. I asked him if it was a free phone but he could not tell me that. I asked him if this was a scam and he said no, no, no. I then told him I was hanging up and I have not had another call. I then telephoned Sky and reported it and the genuine operative told me it was a scam. What are they trying to get out of me. I don’t understand. Perhaps he would have asked me to confirm my account details but I didn’t give him a chance

  5. #5 by Darren McCole - September 19th, 2016 at 10:21

    I had 2 phone calls before I took the bite on the third phone call. The called for insurance for my sky box at 99 pounds for the year. After given my details I received an email and the next day or 2 days later I see that my credit card has been charged for the 99 pounds by Kodi Estates ???? I am not sure if this is written correctly cause all original papers I gave to a neighbouring Police Inspector. I called the credit card company for the refund cause this is obviously a scam. Later at the Police they said they have contacted various national fraud alerts and there are loads of other complaints and the fraud action team of police are on top of it. Also other victims their credit cards have been charged for Sky Insurance on behalf of “Mitchell or Mitchells”. Hang up or be aware if they call you and always ask for their name and phone number and tell them if they can call you back the next morning. Reason for this is that these scammers, mostly working from little offices, start calling from halfway the afternoon till early evening hours.

  6. #6 by Anthony McIntosh - September 28th, 2016 at 13:40

    Had a ‘phone call at 11:55 today. Caller claimed to be Paul Watson from SKY. Wanted my bank card details! Apparently I (and, supposedly, many others) am owed £107. Yeah, right! As if I’m stupid!!!
    I demanded to speak to the supervisor. “Paul” put me through to someone called Jessica. She gave their address as 28 Station Road, Potters Bar, EN6 1TL.
    I suggested tht I was happy to receive a cheque for said amount. She told me that she would have to discuss this with the manager, because they only refund to your bank online! I retorted that I was happy to await a cheque. “Jessica” said she would ring me tomorrow around the same time!!
    Yeah right!
    I ‘phoned the number given to me 033 033 31 250. This was, so it transpired, for SKY insurance. When I asked did they know customers were being contacted about £107 refunds, I was informed that several other people had contacted them. Surprise, surprise….it’s all a scam.

  7. #7 by Wendy wilkins - October 21st, 2016 at 22:43

    My parents were scammed, exactly as described, today. They followed up all the sky stuff with calls pretending to be from their bank. They have managed to get away with &8.5k.

  8. #8 by Roz - October 29th, 2016 at 12:05

    I too have received a SPAM call this morning purportedly from SKY wanting me to renew my contract with them – which incidentally is done automatically through the bank!

  9. #9 by Anthony McIntosh - November 8th, 2016 at 13:01

    These SKY scammers are at it again!!!! A male claiming to be from the SKY billing departrment ‘phoned me this morning and I took great delight in deliberately keeping him on the ‘phone for 25 minutes (IT IS THEIR PHONE BILL AFTER ALL). Surprise, surprise I was told that (apparently) I am owed £200!! Clever “t..t” at the other end said that he needed me to divulge my date of birth and 16 digit bank card number before authorising release of the refund (of course they don’t issue cheques because everything is done on line these days!!!!!).
    I took great pleasure in winding them up, knowing that they were wasting their time, but asked to be put through to a supervisor (named Peter, how sweet, but definitely not a saint… more a sycophantic moron. In fact I hope he reads my rant). I told Peter to put it all in writing and asked why he needed my sensitive details which the genuine SKY company would NOT demand. Peter eventually realised that I had reached checkmate, so he terminated the call!!
    BEWARE people! These idiots will keep trying to rip off unsuspecting folks. For the record, Peter gave the billing department’s number as 0871-245-3468. However, don’t bother trying to ring because all you will get is a message in an Asian (?) dilalect. This will be followed by a message telling you that the number is switched off.
    Happy days!!

  10. #10 by Chris Haworth - January 30th, 2017 at 11:38

    I received an overseas call this morning purporting to be from Sky, telling me I was due a refund of just over £200. She then began asking for my date of birth and bank details to “confirm my identity for their records”. I terminated the call.

  11. #11 by Brianknaggs - February 24th, 2017 at 11:39

    Had a phone call from someone pretending to be from sky tv. I was told I was due a refund for a monthly overpayment. They asked for my 3 digit security number on the back of my card. I gave them 3 choice words instead.

  12. #12 by Gerald Green - March 23rd, 2017 at 17:17

    I have been called 3 times by a lay “from Sky” advising me that my viewing card will soon be replaced. In addition they will be transferring me to a new category of “pensionerSky” and I will be credited with a repayment of £150 into my bank account. They know the details they said so it will happen automatically. All they need from me is my bank sort code and my account details. Once I have confirmed the info they hold they will transfer the £150 to my account. What a load of tosh I told them it was a scam and that I never give anyone, not even the Queen, my bank details so please go away. I now await to see how many more times they will call me. The number they were calling from was 08707777216. I used another phone about an hour later and it was operator intercepted saying service to that number will not be answered.

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